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The longer, hotter days of summer can tax your turf from the blades to the roots, and they can really tax you too if you’re trying to achieve a great lawn all on your own. Ryder’s Lawn Care – Lawn Services in Marysville, Ohio is here to help with a tailored lawn mowing service plan. Knowing when to mow your grass and when to give your lawn a break and let grow are just a couple of reasons to choose Ryder Lawn Care for your lawn mowing needs.


Your home is one of your biggest investments, and how you maintain your lawn and flower beds is the first step to having a beautiful property for friends and family to enjoy . Our lawn care service Mowing your grass at least once a week during the rainy spring months is very necessary if you want to keep a nice neat lawn. We can set you up on a schedule to keep your lawn looking great. Schedules vary from yard to yard. Twice a week, once a week or bi-weekly. If you’re not sure when to mow your grass or when to stay off the lawn we’re here to help. Lawn mower on the fritz, give us a call and we will do our best to fit you into one of our lawn mowing routes. One time mows have to be paid ahead before we will perform the work.


Using our lawn mowing services in Marysville, Ohio is a great way to make some extra time in a busy schedule. Many people save a day on the weekends to mow their grass. What if it rains all weekend. Then you’re mowing during the week, possibly after work. Mowing grass shouldn’t be a burden on anyone’s schedule. Let us a Ryder’s Lawn care take care of all you lawn mowing needs in Marysville Ohio. We know that your lawn will need to be mowed more often in the Spring, less in the summer and in between in the fall. We will put together an affordable lawn care program, do our best to stay within your budget and take the burden off your shoulders. Give us a call for a free lawn mowing estimate in Marysville, Oh today.

When mowing a lawn there are three steps that we take. First and most important, mowing the lawn. We use high grade commercial lawn mowers. The mowers we use will leave a nice even cut and give you the lawn stripes you have always wanted. Our staff has years of experience running these mowers. They know how to turn to keep from tearing the grass. Next we will use a string trimmer also known as a weed eater. All sidewalk and driveway edges, flower beds and trees will be trimmed as needed. To end each mow the crew will blow the grass clippings off of all hard surfaces and flower beds while doing a visual inspection of your lawn to make sure nothing was missed.

Knowing when to mow your grass and when to let it grow for another week is essential to your lawn care. During the rainy months of Spring your lawn may need an extra mow from time to time. Normally we won’t perform an extra mow without a request from our clients so we don’t go over their budget. In the hot Summer months, unless you are watering your lawn regularly and using fertilizer the grass will most likely slow down and need to be mowed less. Our Marysville lawn care professionals will determine when this needs to happen unless we receive a call from our client asking us to do so sooner. Once fall gets here the growth of the lawn will speed back up and leaves will begin to fall. As the leaves fall we will continue to mow weekly, that way we can mulch your leaves and turn them into compost for your turf.

There are many way to stay within budget when mowing grass. Mowing faster, poor clean up and just cutting corners. We call this cheap lawn care. At Ryder’s Lawn Care this is unacceptable. We know we’re not always going to be the cheapest lawn care company in town. To keep the prices down for our clients there are a couple things we do so we don’t need to cut corners and quality. We have service areas and we stick to them, if you are too far away we won’t mow your grass. More traveling means higher cost and we don’t want our customers paying extra for drive time and gas. We stick to our routes and drive less in between lawns. We also spend a lot of time training our guys in quality and efficiency. Doing these things we get the job done faster without sacrificing quality, in turn the savings go back to our clients and you can get your grass cut cheap without hiring a cheap lawn care company.

Thank you for your interest in our Marysville lawn mowing services. As always lawn care estimates are free, give us a call or stop and talk to us while we’re mowing your neighbors.

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