Hedge and Bush Trimming

Hedge trimming or bush trimming is a very important part of maintaining your flower beds around your property. Our lawn care professionals are trained to know what to trim, when to trim and how much each particular plant or bush needs trimmed. There is a very large variety of shrubs that need to be pruned and trimmed on a regular basis and some that grow to a certain size and stay that way. At Ryder’s Lawn Care we know that most of the hedge trimming needs to be done twice a year during a Spring clean up and a Fall clean up with some that may need to be touched up through out the year with regular flower bed maintenance. Hiring the right lawn care company is very important when it comes to the care of your plants and shrubs. Hedge trimming may seem like an easy task but can be very harmful to your hedges if too much is taken off. When a hedge is cut back to far, we call it a burn, commonly seen with boxwoods. Usually when a bush is burned, it is left with a brown spot that won’t grow back. Put the care of your hedges and bushes into the hands of Ryder’s Lawn care, we are experienced in all aspects of lawn care and will treat your lawn and landscapes the way they should be treated, with love.

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