As Winter ends and Spring begins you may want to start thinking about your lawn care. A good place to start is with your flower beds and mulch rings. The flower beds and rings will need to be cleaned out after winter even if you had performed a fall clean-up the year before. After all debris and dead plant materials are removed you will need to decide which variety of mulch you would like to use. After the beds have been edged a nice layer of mulch will need to be added. Before the job is completed all hard surfaces and landscape edging will need to be blown off and any mulch on the street will be cleaned up.

When cleaning out the flower beds the first thing Ryder’s Lawn Care will do is get any leaves left over from fall. Pulling weeds will be the next on the list. It’s important to get as many weeds pulled before laying mulch to help prevent future weeds from coming up. Some bushes may need to be touched up as well. All of the trimmings need to be raked out of the bushes and beds so you don’t have leaves fall into your fresh mulch in Marysville, Oh.

Picking the right mulch for your property ( commercial or residential ) can be a simple task if you are planning on using the same mulch you have used in the past. When starting from scratch it may be a little more difficult. At Ryder’s Lawn Care our experienced lawn care staff can help you find the right kind of mulch to use. There are several different colors of mulch to choose from and single processed, double processed, and triple. Usually we will recommend double processed brown much for properties located outside of city limits and double processed black mulch for inside city limits. If you have your own preferences we will go with the type of mulch you pick for your flower beds and tree rings. Whether you know exactly what you want or need some help deciding we’re here to help.

Before mulch is laid some kind of edging it is necessary to keep the mulch in the beds and out of the grass. We offer edging and redefining. Edging is done with a flat tip shovel around flower beds that either need their first edge or have not been edged before. Redefining the edges is done when the flower beds have been edged the previous year. Redefining is achieved with a bed redefiner. This tool is a cross between a flower bed shaper and a stick edged. Either way there will be nice clean edges when completed.

To decide how much mulch to use can depend on a couple different things. If you had mulch installed the year before you shouldn’t need 3-4 inches , 1-2 inches should be fine. There are exceptions to that rule. You may find some spots where the weather has blown or washed away some of the mulch. Ryder’s Lawn Care staff knows what to look for when estimating the amount of mulch needed. If the beds are being mulched for the first time 3-4 inches will give a good base for years to come. Adding mulch to the flower beds every year is essential for weed prevention.

Look no further than Ryder’s Lawn Care for your mulching services. Our prices are competitive and we work for every dollar we charge.

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