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Winter is is finally coming to an end. Time to get ready for Spring chores. After a long cold winter, the last thing you may want to think about is lawn care in Marysville, Oh but it is a big part of maintaining your property. After the snow melts off the grass you can evaluate your lawn and flower beds. In your lawn you are going to want to look for dead spots and places where the grass has died and you are left bare spots in your yard. These can be fixed by removing the dead grass and adding topsoil where it is needed. Add grass seed to the topsoil and rake in for good germination then add straw and water daily unless it rains. You can stop watering your new grass every day and move to a few times a week once grass is thick and green. Flower beds are another parts of you property maintenance, Usually a Spring Clean-up is needed, then mulch and any plant materials you may want to add. Start by getting any remaining leaves from fall and all dead plant materials away from your home and flower beds. After plant materials are gone we will move to hedge trimming (trimming bushes). Next part of the Spring clean-up – Marysville, Oh is edging or re-defining flower beds and tree rings. Finally choose your mulch or go with the same mulch you have used in the past. After installing your mulch, you will just need to do regular routine flower bed maintenance. Weed control can be the most time consuming but is necessary to keep your flower beds looking up to par. We suggest a liquid weed killer for the open sections of your beds and hand pulling the weeds close to your plants. If you do these two things on a weekly basis, you will have less and less weeds to deal with each week. At Ryder’s Lawn Care we provide all of these services and many more. Give us a call at 740-272-0474 for a free lawn care estimate or if you would just like some advice about your lawn.

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